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Bellevue Parenting Plan Modification Lawyer

Everyday new opportunities and challenges arise. Because life is constantly changing, parenting plans that worked yesterday may no longer fit into today’s lifestyle.

For more than 30 years, I have been helping families in Bellevue, Washington, modify their parenting plans and create child custody and visitation schedules to reflect their current circumstances.

King County Custody Modification Attorney: Parenting Plans That Preserve Parent-Child Relationships

As with initial child custody and visitation determinations, the goal of a parenting plan modification is to create a familial situation that is in the best interests of the children involved and preserves parental rights.

As a lawyer, I know that any parenting plan determination needs to be crafted in a way to preserve familial relationships, reduce stress between parents and facilitate co-parenting relationships. By thoroughly laying out all terms of the parenting plan I aim to reduce the possibility of future disputes between parents.

Modifying A Parenting Plan

Parenting plans contain child custody and visitation schedules that reflect the best division of parental time at a certain point in time. We don’t live life in a vacuum, every decision we make affects other areas of our lives.

When one part of our life — such as work — changes, that change inevitably affects other areas of our life — such as where we live and how much we earn. Sometimes life’s changes may cause an existing parenting plan to no longer be realistic. When that happens, parenting plans must be modified to accommodate life’s changes.

In order to get court approval of a modification, there must be a substantial change in the circumstances of the child or parent. A substantial change is shown by:

  • The relocation of one parent
  • A change in working hours
  • One parent’s failure to exercise residential time
  • Child abuse
  • Substance abuse

In addition, judges require a showing that any harm caused by the modification is outweighed by the benefits the modification will provide. As a family law attorney with more than 30 years of experience, I know how to present enough evidence to get court approval of modified parenting plans.

If you believe your family would benefit from a modified parenting plan, contact me, William Buchanan, an experienced Bellevue parenting plan modification attorney, today.