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Bellevue Parental Relocation Lawyer

Whether you want to relocate with your child, or stop your child’s other parent from leaving the city or state with your child — I can help preserve your parental rights and take advantage of beneficial opportunities.

As a Bellevue lawyer with more than 30 years of family law experience, I have been helping families throughout Washington settle disputes and create happy families.

King County Child Relocation Attorney: Maintaining The Parent-Child Relationship

If the other parent of your child wants to move to a new city or state, you may be concerned about the impact that move will have on your visitation rights. It is important to know that, as a parent, you have the right to object to that move.

For more than 30 years, I have helped parents throughout Washington state object to the removal of their child from the city or state in which they currently reside. Once we have filed an objection to your child’s move, your child’s other parent must not only show that the relocation will present beneficial opportunities for them, but also that the benefits provided by the move outweigh the harm that will result to the child’s relationship with you.

I understand the frustration and worry parents feel when faced with the prospect of less time with their child. Together, we will work to ensure your parent-child bond is not severed.

Helping Parents Relocate To Take Advantage Of Beneficial Opportunities

I also help parents seeking to relocate with their child to take advantage of opportunities that will benefit both them and their child. Common reasons for a move include a new job offer, continuing education, better cost of living, or relocating to be nearer family.

Because the other parent of your child has a right to object to your relocation, I always recommend parents try to come to a mutual agreement first. Together, we will develop a modified parenting plan that reflects the relocation and lays out new visitation terms.

If a relocation cannot be settled between parents out of court, then a judge will decide whether you will be allowed to relocate with your child.

If you are concerned about the effect an upcoming move will have on your parental rights, contact me, William Buchanan, a Bellevue parental relocation attorney. Initial half-hour consultations are free. Call me today at 425-999-3144.