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Bellevue Child Custody Lawyer

Every child has the right to develop and maintain a relationship with both parents. What form that relationship takes depends on the circumstances of your family’s unique dynamic.

Based in Bellevue, I — William Buchanan, Attorney at Law — have helped families throughout Washington develop custody and visitation plans that preserve the parent-child bond.

Parenting Plans That Serve The Best Interests Of The Children Involved

When you are involved in a custody dispute, chances are emotions are running high. Sometimes these emotions can cloud thinking and affect judgment. The ones who suffer in these situations are minor children.

As an experienced Bellevue child custody attorney, I make sure my clients understand the consequences of today’s custody determination, and the long-term impacts it will have on parent-child relationships.

By helping my clients see the long-term effect their decision will have on minor children, I am able to achieve custody determinations that encourage safe, healthy interactions between parents and children.

King County Child Visitation Attorney: Facilitating The Parent-Child Relationship

Time lost with a child is lost forever. Custody and visitation determinations made today can have lifelong impacts on the parent-child relationship. As a family law lawyer with more than 30 years of experience, I fight to make sure my clients get the residential time they need to develop strong relationships with their children.

When clients come to me with a custody dispute, I spend the time necessary to learn about the specifics of their family, the child’s current living situation and his or her goals going forward. I am honest with my clients about what Washington’s child custody laws will and will not allow. If I know a court will find my client’s position unreasonable, I won’t waste my client’s time and money.

The state of Washington requires parents to develop plans that lay out who the primary residential parent will be, how decisions will be made and how disputes between parents will be resolved.

The goals of these parenting plans is to maintain the parent-child relationship, create a safe routine for the child, preserve the role each parent plays and encourage continued relationships with other family members such as siblings and grandparents.

Though the parent-child bond is naturally strong, like most relationships, it requires time together to remain healthy. To ensure you get the time you need with your child, contact me, William Buchanan, Attorney at Law, today.