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Bellevue Family Law Attorney

Most people look to family for day-to-day support and encouragement. When a disruption or change to the family unit occurs it can shake us to the core, undermine feelings of security and create an uncertain future.

For more than 30 years, I have been helping families in Bellevue and throughout Washington resolve their legal disputes and move forward with their lives.

Focused On Creating A Happy Future

As an experienced family law lawyer, I understand the stress and instability caused by family disputes. I also know part of that stress springs from fear of the unknown.

By thoroughly explaining the applicable law, how that law applies to my client’s individual situation and presenting all possible legal options, I alleviate stress, offer my clients a clear path to dispute resolution and set them on the path to a happy future.

King County Child Custody Attorney Providing Comprehensive Family Law Assistance

Over my 30-year career as a family law attorney, I have helped hundreds of families resolve their disputes in a way that preserves relationships and enables parents to work together to raise their children.

I make a point to explain each step of the divorce process to my clients. Once they understand the process and the applicable law, we work together to tackle difficult questions regarding child custody and visitation.

I also work with clients whose change in lifestyle, career or relocation has made it necessary to modify past parenting plans and past child support orders to reflect the realities of current circumstances.

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